Infantile Cerebral Palsy. Treatment

In infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), increased steady tone due to uncontrollable spasticity affects the locomotor function in both upper and lower limb.

Muscle retractions, joint deformities and paralyzed deficits must be successfully treated with minimally invasive microsurgical procedures, or joint techniques if required.

The biomechanically complex upper extremity requires a serial study of films to establish specific mechanisms of the abnormal movements of the PCI and define surgical treatment, such as microtenotomies, tendon stretching, hiponeurotizations, joint releases and changes in bone morphology, among other needs.

The much lower extremity automatic functionally allows for a predictable therapeutic patterns in the PCI safely to the loss of function acquired at the time of the intervention, improving the capacity of standing and walking.


Other treatments for cerebral paralysis

The surgical procedure and treatment using botox are complementary. The use of Botox has to be understood as a diagnostic and therapeutic treatment, which enables us through infiltration:

1. Discern what muscle groups difficult, with his hyperactivity, the movement and determine the function and/or deformities.

2. Assess after injection the degree of correction that can be achieved.

3. Facilitate physiotherapy.

4. To demonstrate the limits of treatment in successive infiltrations by progressive refractory patients to Botox.

5. Facilitates surgical indication.

The treatment is temporary and usually has its maximum effect at 4 months. It lets work muscle groups inactivated by hyperactivity of the antagonists.

Surgery is definitive, no margin for error after noting the effects of botulinum toxin.

Subsequent treatment of other muscle groups that evolve with the growth of the patient can be treated with Botox again. With the understanding that this is a therapeutic process tailored to the needs according to age and evolution of each patient.

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