Outlet thoracic syndrome. FAQ

From the extensive experience of Dr. Muset in the treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome in Muset Institute we want to solve the most frequent questions about this syndrome.

If the compression that occurs in the thoracic outlet syndrome is due to a morphological issue and I have always had it, why it has not hurt me before?

Because the decrease of space and the appearance of compression is conditioned by postural factors, physical activity and degenerative factors that evolve over time.


Do these symptoms may appear after trauma to the area?

Yes, a whiplash due to a car accident can lead to chronic scalene muscle spasm that triggers a compression in the interscalene triangle.


Does the improvement is immediate?

The disappearance of pain occurs in the immediate postoperative period with a progressive improvement of tingling fingers from retrograde. Muscle strength is recovered later form.


How is postoperative?

Rest is recommended during the first postoperative month.


What is the double crush syndrome?

In some cases there is a two-level compression, proximal and distal, in example, in the brachial plexus and the ulnar nerve in the elbow or the median nerve in the wrist. In these cases, decompression is required in both sites.


Is it a dangerous surgery? What complications can be?

This surgery is one of the most technically difficult and complex upper of the upper extremity surgeries, which requires an experienced surgeon in the treatment of brachial plexus injuries who knew the area and anatomical structures to avoid potentially serious complications for the patient.

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